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PACE centre services and track-record

PACE was established in 2004. Since then we have explored various ways of making the global carbon market work in Africa - and particularly to work for poor people in Africa. The Credible Carbon registry, the first of its kind in Africa, seeks to structurally alter the way in which poverty alleviating carbon projects are brought to the market. 

In 2011 Credible Carbon sold over 11 000 tCO2 and returned more than R700,000 in carbon revenue to poverty-alleviating projects in southern Africa. In 2012 we did even better, selling nearly 41 000 tCO2 to over 100 different clients and returning R1,7 million to local projects. Our top sales price in 2012 was R250 per tCO2 and in last project we returned 91% of total carbon revenue to the project - that is after project proponent fees, legal fees and the cost of an indepenent audit.

PACE is a major project proponent to the Credible Carbon registry and enjoy their success. We are looking forward to 2013!

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Just back from COP17. An impressive event both in terms of scale and content. Not confident about a legally binding, fair and urgent agreement but more hope than a week ago. Impressive none the less to see how many committed people are working on a range of inspiring issues.

Latest News

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On School Energy Day and as part of the Department of Energy’s “back to school” programme, the minister of energy, Jeff Radebe, addressed learners who had gathered at Nzhelele, Makhado Multipurpose Centre, Biaba in Limpopo and donated shoes to them. The following is the minister’s speech to the learners. Jeff … Continue reading "Minister of energy addresses learners in Limpopo"

Noja Power recently announced a custom modification option to include a second set of current transformers (CTs) in its OSM recloser product. With the this product being deployed in more substation environments, the additional CTs allow for implementation of differential protection schemes. The additional CTs are installed inside the recloser, with … Continue reading "Custom modification option announced"

Researchers are producing honeycomb-shaped films using an approach that mimics what happens when we breathe on a glass surface. The films have potential use in numerous applications, from tissue regeneration and bio-sensing to solar cells, explains an article in the journal “Science and Technology of Advanced Materials”. Water droplets condense when humid air … Continue reading "Out of the fog: honeycomb films"

Municipal electrical utilities, the distributors of electricity to many, if not most, of the country’s electricity consumers, face mounting challenges as technological developments change the way in which electricity will be generated, distributed, sold and possibly resold in the future. Refilwe Mokgosi The rising cost of electricity is likely to … Continue reading "Municipal electrical utilities face mounting challenges"

The need for higher reliability, more compactness and insensitivity to environmental factors are the key drivers for the evolution of SF6 gas insulated switchgear (GIS). The higher the voltage the more applicable is the use of GIS switchgear. With today’s ever-increasing land and civil cost for substations, the ability to … Continue reading "GIS and hybrid switchgear technology"

As horizontal-shaft wind turbines (HAWTs) increase in size, they become more visually and audibly disturbing. This limits the use of the energy resource of wind in cities as even small turbines of a few tens of kW capacity require tall masts and are deemed visually unpleasant. The challenge to produce … Continue reading "Vertical axis wind turbines for urban applications"

Refinery’s power plant maintenance plan signed GE has signed a multi-year service agreement to support the power requirements of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation’s Port Harcourt Refining company. The twelve-year agreement includes the provision of parts, spares, repairs and services over two major inspection cycles for three units of the … Continue reading "Power developments in Africa, January 2019"

William Irvine (Bill) Graham of Graham, Golding and Associates passed away in December 2018. As a special tribute to this stalwart, Vector invited industry members to share their messages of thanks and condolences. Bill Graham Bill started work as a specialist consultant to panel builders, end-users and specifiers with regard … Continue reading "Obituary: Bill Graham"

Armcoil is now offering the market a sophisticated minisub which incorporates a bund wall and storage tank to retain oil should the oil-filled transformer leak. This new design addresses the environmental risk and clean-up costs associated with oil spills from minisub transformers. Minisubstations (minisubs) can be defined as substations which … Continue reading "New minisub design boasts internal bunding wall"

Eskom has applied to NERSA, the energy regulator, for a 15% tariff increase for three consecutive years. The power utility is facing dire financial constraints with excessive corporate debt of more than R400-billion (as per its interim results presentation on 28 November 2018) and outstanding arrear debt for electricity sold, … Continue reading "Addressing the issue of Eskom’s ever-rising electricity tariffs"



Kuyasa is low-carbon housing development in one of the poorest and most vulnerable corners of Khayelitsha, Western Cape.

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Reliance Compost

We would like to see a world in which composting companies of tomorrow replace the oil companies of today in the local economy.

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Spier Mob Grazing

Since April 2009 Angus McIntosh has managed a portion of Spier agriculture that involves 74 hectares of irrigated pasture.

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The uMdoni Municipality and the Project Preparation Trust (PPT) are partners in this project with PACE.

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Walker’s Recycling

Walkers Recycling is a family-run business started in 2005 by Eddie Walker. The business collects high-value recyclable material from the Cape Town CBD.

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Hout Bay Recycling Co-op

A social enterprise started by Thrive Hout Bay saw residents of Imizamo Yethu township in Hout Bay begin recycling in 2009.

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Wildlands Conservation Trust

The Wildlands Conservation Trust (WCT) assists local communities and local governments in realising the virtuous cycles between human and ecological well-­being.

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Welbedacht – Energy Efficient Housing

This project was originally designed by USAID to demonstrate appropriate energy efficient technologies in low-income households in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN), South Africa.

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